The Hearts of the Father

Outdoor Expeditions 

Creating Memories. Expanding Minds. Building Character

Welcome to The Hearts of the Father, An 501 (c)3 Organization that Prides itself on becoming an National Headquarter Outdoor Outlet for Boys in One-Parent House Holds and Foster Homes. Through Partnering with some of the Industry Leaders in the Hunting and Outdoor Companies. 

Our Purpose is recreate a love for the outdoors through Camping,Hunting and Fishing that once was a beckon of America . Today's generation of Boys have no idea simply how much fun the outdoors carries. That's why were Here.

Our Desire is to simply"create a spark" of adventure in the lives of boys.Many times the only aspiration of the future many boys have is having some kind of athletic ability,while there is vast expansion of the outdoors that can be birthed into a thriving career later in life.

In the 3 years of existence we have had boys come from all over the Houston ,Dallas, Beaumont areas and even as far as Mississippi to come feel love, get affirmation and purpose of the future.