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Andrew J Martin

Andrew has a compelling story that will leave you in tears. His passion for kids has spanned for decades. Andrew has worked in ministry both as a children's pastor and a youth pastor, trained with Karyn Purvis's famed TBRI (Trust-Based Relational Intervention), and worked with behavioral kids for close to 20 years. From searching for a biological mother who was told he died shortly after birth only to be secretly placed up for adoption to finding both biological parents, Andrew wholeheartedly understands the journey and the struggles. Andrew wholeheartedly understands boys.

 He understands that boys need to be outdoors and that it is very imperative that boys have social interaction and the mental improvements that come with being outdoor. Being a parent of a son he knows firsthand how important it is that a father to LISTEN more than SPEAK. Andrew has time and time again proved that he was born for this. The emotional trauma that he went through molded him for this, and is excited for the future as a friend to the adoption industry. 

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