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Foundational Core Values​

  • Christ-Centered- The Hearts of the Father is a Christian outdoor adventure program that emphasizes and teaches biblical moral values. The program is unapologetically Christian, but is intended to be presented without the feeling overly “churchy” or “religious”, focusing on outdoor adventure, character and leadership development.  
  • Outdoor Focused- We believe there is something special about being outdoors. Camping, Hiking and other outdoor activities help build deep relationships and allow boys to develop character, practice leadership and experience adventure. The outdoor focus helps a boy appreciate the majesty and grandness of God’s creation
  •    Safety- The Hearts of the Father is committed to the health, welfare and safety of our youth, volunteers and pro-staff. We aim to provide challenging, adventurous and fun activities in a manner that no injuries occur beyond those that are readily treatable by simple first aid.
  •    Sympathetic towards past trauma- We understand that many of our boys that come to our events come with past and very present trauma and various levels of abuse. With that compassion is on our minds at all times. Kids don't choose the abuse so it is our job to show them extreme amounts of focused love and patience.\
  •   Male-Centered Adult Leadership- While women can serve in a number of opportunity roles within The Hearts of the Father, our extreme focus is creating an atmosphere of positive, Godly male role-models IN ACTION. We want them to see, watch, and interact with Men. All direct contact positions are filled by men.
  • Character Focused- Action not Words change Men. It's the behind the scene character development with men that changes the in-front of the scenes boys character. We are firm believers that 99% of everything you do is perception. So it is our focus that all long term volunteers to be self-conscious at all times that all social media posts, the way they conduct in public are a direct reflection of our brand.
  •  Servant Leadership- Servant Leadership is characterized by being action led, not just sitting and pointing or bossing people around. Lead by Example. Period.
  •  Confidentiality- We understand that one of our target audience being foster boys that due to their reasons for being in foster care that there has to be a strong level of confidentiality between our brand, DCFS and the foster parent. We understand the seriousness of this issue in regards to information given and received.

“From Generation to Generation.

We will raise sons.”

Psalm 145:4

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