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AJ Huskey

HOTF Wildlife Director

Houston Location

 AJ Huskey is a Construction Superintendent and has worked with youth organizations for many years

Joe and Kym Wilkerson

Houston Location

Supporters of HOTF. 

They have been friends of the organization for many years

Ricky Richards

Houston Location.

Rickey is a pillar with HOTF. His Fellowship Ranch has been home to HOTF for the last 6 years

Romas Martin

Houston Location.

Mr. Martin is a founding board member of HOTF. He is often found bbq'ing or supervising fishing derby's

Javier Hernandez

NW Arkansas Location

 Javier is a new member of the tribe and is our Fishing Director for our NW Arkansas Location


Andrew Martin


Andrew is the founder and Executive Director of The Hearts of the Father Outdoor Expeditions

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