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The Hearts of the Father Wildlife Chapter at Magnolia Texas Tranquility Ranch is a true haven for nature enthusiasts. Spread across 1200 acres of pristine wilderness, this wildlife retreat offers a range of exciting activities like hog hunting, tent camping, fishing, predator hunts, and deer hunts. But what makes this place truly special is its commitment to helping boys from foster care and difficult backgrounds. By providing them with a safe and nurturing environment, the Hearts of the Father team is not only changing lives but also creating a legacy of conservation and stewardship. Come and experience the magic of this beautiful place while supporting a noble cause. 

AJ Huskey

Magnolia, TX Wildlife Director

Hello, It is an extremer pleasure of mine to create a first-time experience for your boys. I have spent my whole life teaching and guiding hunts. 

If you have any questions about hunts or dates I can be reached at (281) 845-9392

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