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~ Definition of a Foster Child - A child (Boy) raised by someone who is not its natural or adoptive parent.

~ Define Boys from Hard Places - These are boys that have experienced some type of abuse, neglect, or trauma during their lives.


We are a Christian Organization and invite boys from all walks of life who fit into our target audience dynamic. We pride ourselves in DIVERSITY in the aspect of heritage, we highly understand that trauma is very blind and is not a respecter of persons. I want our future leaders to know what's possible and to be part of a world where diversity isn't special programs but the natural way of operating.” Our magnificent obsession is everything we do, say, and operate has heritage in mind. We want our boys to be able to relate, one of our foundational obligations is to create an environment where boys from all colors and races can relate by seeing someone that looks like them. It's not about color, it's all about heritage. The Outdoors does not cater more or less to any one culture, the outdoors equally has fed, clothed, and provided for all cultures equally and it is our goal to portray that We want you to know that "YOU MATTER!" You matter to Jesus and You Matter to US.

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