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Our programs are specifically designed to expose your boy to the outdoors, promote pro-social friendships and strong interpersonal skills, and reassert a sense of hope for the future. We methodically create programs that will enhance the mind, strengthen the body and heal the soul. We understand that many of these boys comes from rough home lives and sometimes no home life at all, when these boys arrive at one of our events we want them to immediately sense that they are surrounded by a band of brothers.


Imagine sleeping under the stars, surrounded by new friends, learning about nature, sleeping in a tent. Our foundational program allows boys to experience the outdoors in a brand new way



Packed for an adventure, snacks, water, and tools for the trail strapped on your back, exploring the path ahead. Stop along the way for a pit stop, and discuss what you've heard, seen and found and journaled about.


You are learning fishing, anticipating the fight, and finding new ways to entice your prey with fresh baits, lures, and ways to win. Whether on shore or in a boat It's your time to win!



Hog Hunts

In Texas, feral hogs do real harm to native plants and animals. Not only do they compete with other animals for food, but they also destroy habitats and cause erosion.  Our experts have created a safe system to help the environment and harvest meat.  It is a great adventure for your boys to experience


Field Trips​

We create opportunities for advancement via field trips. We believe that creating avenues for boys to experience, learn through vocational field trips can help expand minds and create memories

Career Development

Teaching boys how to create a resume, how to dress for an interview, How to interview, How to communicate to supervisors Etc


Community Projects

(For ages 14-17)

Our community involvement is a pillar of our organization 

Whether it is landscaping, painting, helping someone move, or even putting together office furniture. It's more than work, it prepares their future in the present.



This is our way of connecting vision to reality. "MORE THAN A BRAND"  is a video podcast catered to kids. It will feature athletes, celebs, judges, law enforcement, musicians, etc. We will talk about their individual profession, what was the factor that led to their direction in that field, and what foundational principles helped them along the way and keep them grounded. At the end of each podcast, there will be one final question asked


" WHAT IS YOUR WHY? (what keeps them driving strong in their field).

We believe this podcast will allow kids to see life behind a lens, a position, a power role, and see the ability to achieve greatness, a future dream.

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